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Target Labs, Inc. clearly understands today's security vulnerabilities. Today's threats are more dynamic than ever and protecting a company from cyber criminals is everyone's responsibility. Penetrating a corporate network by breaching a firewall or IDS apparatus isn't the only way for data loss or proprietary information to be compromised. More commonly experienced attacks are subtle in nature via social engineering, phishing, vishing and smishing attacks.

Prevention through education is critical in hardening most valuable, yet often the most vulnerable asset - your staff! Education to common user attacks is a solid addition to your technical defenses and will better position you for the next audit while protecting your staff and vital information. It's the best defense for the common user, to prevent bad things from happening in your environment or to themselves personally.

We offer instruction and insight to prevent a breach. We strive to meet the needs of your organization by offering this training, tailored to your executive or support staff via web-based or class environment formats. Suited to meet the needs of all competency levels, your employees will learn best practices of security management in daily scenarios. This training is taught by best in class security professionals, from the Target Labs, Inc. community.

Please inquire to how we can tailor a class for you while scaling to meet your business and budgetary needs.

Be smart, observe cyber security!